A shipping platform for an economical, reliable and interactive delivery experience

MeshShip provides a logistics service platform which is accessible via its meshship.com and its mobile Apps. Members can use the service to arrange or offer delivery service, buy logistic accessory. MeshShip service provides a sharing platform, which gives every one an opportunity to be the member of MeshShip family. The usage of the platform, including desktop and mobile App, are totally free, the main purpose of the mobile App is to provide customers and partners the tool of managing delivery services. With the App, customer or partners can create find and schedule MeshShip order.

What I can do using MehsShip service?
Shipping and packages delivery

What does this company do?
Delivery service broker
Sharing platform provider

What kind of delivery service MeshShip provide?
Priority service: the highest priority, featured partner, local same day delivery guaranteed. Generally local delivery will be finished within 2 or 3 hours of your order.
Standard express service: standard express courier service, local one business day delivery guaranteed.
Economy flex service: Flexible delivery time, best value for your money. Guaranteed to start the shipping within a week of your initial order.

As a sender, what did I expect?
Competitive low delivery cost
Interactive delivery experience
It’s totally FREE! (mobile Apps and desktop)

What are the roles in the registration page?
Generally two types:
Sender: the people who use the services, everyone will become sender after registered into the system.
Partner/Courier: the people who participate into MehshShip delivery and share the profit, including Collectors, Deliverer and City service managers, click ? in SignUp page for detail.

Why should I become a partner?
Decent profit sharing
Open to everybody
Using your own time, no constraint on your schedule, you are in charge.
Totally free system usage (mobile and desktop)

Why there are limited service locations in my city?
Service locations are the locations of our courier partners’ positions.
As long as you join as a collector or city manager partner, your address will show up in our service map

Why there are limited service cities?
No people have applied to be a city service manager in your city
As long as you become a city manager partner, your city is available
After you become the city manager partner, Mesh Ship will secure the backbone delivery path with you!

As a sender, how can I ship a package?
Step 1: log into the system, register to be a sender if not a sender yet
Step 2: click 'create shipping' in the menu, the action can be done in desktop and mobile App
Step 3: fill the form, make a payment online, print tracking tag and attach it (generated the payment) to the package
Step 4: if you choose to pick up the package in your place, you do not need to do anything, our people will contact with you to pick up. Otherwise you need to put your package into the your nearest service point. Service points link

What is the workload of a partner?
Super simple!
For all the collecting points and delivers:
Scan -> Verify -> Done (Packaging is done by senders, App download)
A little bit more for city service manager

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